Art & Industrial Design


ComeTrue® makes cultural continuity through combining technology and historical relics, for example, we can turn cultural relics into digital archives through 3D scanner, and then being molded or made for repairing simulation as well. In addition, it is beneficial for artists to design with ComeTrue® 3D printer to display unique aesthetics by the integration of technology and art.

Applying Mathematics software, such as Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, K3DSurf, MathMod, etc., can create mathematical 3D arts.

Beginners may build 3D models by some free 3D software such as Sculptris.

Industrial Design

Regarding industry design and manufacturing design, ComeTrue® 3D Printer reduces the duration of design modification. Before molding, making samples can cut down errors and on fee for mold modification. Compared with traditional CNC, ComeTrue® 3D Printer builds up parts layer-by-layer which makes complicated models easier.

*Using PixiRiteⓇ 3D printing repair software to separate the 3D files, bigger models can be built separately and merged together.

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