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3D Printer Installation3D Printer Installation
3D Printer Before Printing3D Printer Before Printing
3D Printing Post-Process3D Printing Post-Process
3D Printer Routine Maintenance3D Printer Routine Maintenance
Join and ComeTrue Full-Color 3D Printing !!Join and ComeTrue Full-Color 3D Printing !!
Lovers Story from ComeTrue3D PrintingLovers Story from ComeTrue3D Printing
3D Printed biomedical Heart Model3D Printed biomedical Heart Model
ComeTrue3D loves Super Mario Run in 3D printing !ComeTrue3D loves Super Mario Run in 3D printing !
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3D Osaka Castle3D Osaka Castle

ComeTrue® T10 Full-Color Powder-based 3D Printer


ComeTrueⓇ is an innovative 3D printer integrated with own designed inkjet printhead, print engines, software and patented ComeTrueⓇ Binder Jetting (CBJ) 3D printing technology. Binder Jetting 3D inkjet printing is a kind of rapid prototyping(RP) or additive manufacturing(AM) process.

Utilizing the ComeTrueⓇ Print software to slice the 3D files. ComeTrueⓇ builds up parts layer-by-layer by depositing a liquid binder onto thin layers of composite powder. Finally, the completed will also can be infiltrated with different infiltrants to make parts tough and polished.

Compared with other 3D printers, ComeTrueⓇ advantages in faster print speed, superior equipment, cost-effective and better after services. ComeTrueⓇ can be applied in a wide range of applications such as education, 3D scanned figures, lithophane, architecture, geospacial, arts, bio-medical and healthcare...etc.

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  • No extra support structure needed
  • Complicated models 3D printable
  • Fast 3D printing speed
  • Versatile applications on figurines, architectural, bio-medical and digital art 3D models printing
  • *Appearance for reference only and may vary.*Appearance for reference only and may vary.
  • *Appearance for reference only and may vary.*Appearance for reference only and may vary.
  • Can build complicated 3D models !Can build complicated 3D models !


Color Full-Color
Build Size 200x160x150(mm)
Size of the Machine 80x62x70cm(WxDxH)
Net Weight 60kg
Type Desktop
Max.Vertical Build Speed 20mm/hour
Z axis layer thickness 0.103mm or 0.12mm (selectable)
Resolution 1200 x 556 dpi
Number of inkjet head 2
Nozzle number of the print head 4800 (Each print head 2400 nozzles)
3D Printing Slicing Software & File format

ComeTrue Slice: STL, OBJ (can apply WRL(VRML), 3DS, PLY, etc. via PixiRite Preparation Software)

Port USB 2.0
Certification CE, FCC/IC
Operation system

ComeTrue Slice: Windows® 8.1 / 10(above ver.1607) 64bit

Power requirement 100~120V/MAX 2A 50/60Hz or 200~240V/MAX 1A 50/60Hz
  • TJ-865CM (Print head for clear, cyan, magenta binder)
  • TJ-865YK (Print head for clear, yellow, black binder)
  • TC-31 (Liquid Cleaner) 500ml
  • TB-31N (Clear binder) 500ml
  • TB-31C (Cyan binder) 100ml
  • TB-31M (Magenta binder) 100ml
  • TB-31Y (Yellow binder) 100ml
  • TB-31K (Black binder) 100ml
  • TP-71 (Composite Powder) 3kg
  • TI-915 (Single quick hardening infiltrant) 500g

1) Dry Vacuum Cleaner is required. Suggested specification: Tank Capacity >= 17L

2) Specifications subject to change without notice. Appearance for reference only and may vary.


  • DMComeTrue T10 DM_ENDate: 2021-05-12Version: 210512_ENFile size: 902 KB Link
  • User DocumentsUser DocumentsDate: 2019-09-06Version: 190906File size: 4.6 MB Link
  • FirmwareComeTrue T10-Firmware UpdateDate: 2021-04-09Version: size: 2.66 MB Link
  • SoftwareComeTrue Slice S/W & Manual (Win 8.1 and above)Date: 2023-01-30Version: 4.1.13File size: 70.2 MB Link
  • SoftwareComeTrue Print S/W & Manual (Win 7)Date: 2019-07-12Version: size: 7.26 MB Link