ComeTrue® CERAMIC 3D Prints Ceramic Crafts with Custom Ceramic Powders!

by ComeTrue3D team

ComeTrue® CERAMIC 3D printer is developed by patented ComeTrue® Binder
Jetting (CBJ) 3D printing technology. With the custom ceramic powders, it can be applied in ceramic crafts, lithophane, art and education.

This ceramic 3D printer can even work as a research platform for developer to
apply its own ceramic formulated powders, for examples, in industrial applications
for ceramic components, or in biomedical applications such as bone ceramics.

ComeTrue® Ceramic 3D Printer adopts the same ComeTrue®T10 3D Printer but
not need to install the C/M/Y/K binder cartridges. It also applies TP-80 Ceramic composite powders and ceramic firing post-process. The shrinkage ratio after
bisque firing is around 16~ 17 %, it will be the same size after firing glaze.

About ComeTrue3D

ComeTrue® 3D Printer is designed and manufactured by MicroJet Technology
Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. By leveraging own developed inkjet heads and print engines, ComeTrue3D team is in a leading position to develop patented ComeTrue®
Binder Jetting (CBJ) 3D printing technology and can see vision on product development.