ComeTrue Print 3D Printing Slicing Software

ComeTrue® Print software is for slicing STL and VRML file and printing outputs of slicing result. The main display is separated in 3 parts: top view, front view and slicing result. It allows basic geometric operation, ex. Translation, scaling, rotation and mirror functions. In the slicing result display, it allows print preview in slicing result. In addition, it allows data save and load for inputting multi STL and VRML printings.

The main features of this version are:

  • STL and VRML molding input
  • ComeTrue Print only can input STL and VRML 2.0 format .wrl file.

  • VRML molding geometric modification (translation, scaling, rotation and mirror functions)
  • Multi object slicing processing
  • Continue slicing monitoring
  • Construction space view (top view, front view and 3D view)
  • Drag object by mouse

System requirement

  • Operating system - WindowsⓇ 7 / VistaⓇ / 8 / 10
  • Processor - IntelCore i3 up
  • Memory - 4GB up
  • Screen resolution - 1280 X 1024 up
  • Display card - OpenGL compatible display card (recommend Nvidia GeForce or higher)
  • Software required - 20MB
  • Hard disk reserved space - 10 GB (or more)

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