Color is very important to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) learning, the target of ComeTrue® Full-Color 3D Printer is set in education market, and it performs really well. Not only in university, but also in high school, full color feature develops and realises the potentiality students have and brings out their creativity. The potential applications of ComeTrue® 3D Printers are ubiquitous and endless, such as education, 3D scanned figures and objects, digital art, relief sculpture, architecture, geospatial, bio-medical and healthcare.

The ubiquitous 3D software, such as 3ds MAX、Cinema 4D、Inventor、Maya、Pro-E、Rhino、SolidWorks、SketchUp and ZBrush, has become the main courses for Department of Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, Commercial Design, Visual Communication Design, and Fine Arts, so It can be seen that rapid prototype becomes indispensable to product development. ComeTrue® 3D printer makes it easy and practical for students to implement it.

Beginners may build 3D models by some free 3D software such as Sculptris.

*Using PixiRiteⓇ 3D printing repair software to separate the 3D files, bigger models can be built separately and merged together.

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